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Order Ectocarpales

Family Acinetosporaceae

Feldmannia sp 2

Plants brown, a few mm to 1 cm or longer, sparsely branched near base, attached by rhizoids. Filaments 20-25 µm diameter near base, tapering slightly distally, cells 1.2 to 2 times as long as broad. 

Plurilocular sporangia borne near bases of filaments, cylindro-conical, sessile, when mature 80-100 µm long and ca 25 µm in diameter. Unilocular sporangia not seen.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from Mbotyi (47), on Codium platylobium.

World distribution: unknown.


Feldmannia sp 2, with plurilocular sporangia near filament bases and rhizoidal mass bottom right (Mbotyi specimen, stained slide).

Feldmannia sp 2, plurilocular sporangia (Mbotyi specimen, stained slide).


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