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How to use this website

If you have no idea what your seaweed is - first decide if it is green, brown or red (but note that this does not always work!). Then click on “The Main Groups of Seaweeds”, go to the relevant section (Greens, Browns or Reds), and click on “Guide to the south coast genera”). Use this guide to find the correct genus. Then proceed as below.

If you think you know what the seaweed is (genus, species or both), but want to check, go to the “Clickable Index to Genera and Species”, look for the name in the relevant group (Greens, Browns or Reds) and click on it. If you know what species it is, you can click on that name. If you know the genus but not the species, first click on the genus name (e.g. Caulerpa genus). This will show you a brief description of the genus, and a key to the south coast species. You can then key out your specimen before going back to the “Clickable Index to Genera and Species”, and clicking on the species name for a description and illustrations.

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