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Order Ectocarpales

Family Acinetosporaceae

Hincksia J.E.Gray

Thalli erect, filamentous, branched; chloroplasts discoid, numerous, parietal, with one pyrenoid each. Pattern of branching varies within genus; secund , irregular scattered or opposite depending on species. Plurilocular sporangia variable in position. Unilocular sporangia seldom found, when present in same position as plurilocular sporangia.

There are 26 currently recognised species worldwide, in this cosmopolitan genus (Guiry & Guiry 2011): three are recorded from the south coast, and we note an additional possibly undescribed species.

Hincksia is distinguished from Feldmannia by more profuse branching, meristematic zones at the bases of each lateral, relatively short laterals, sporangia above and below meristems, and normally sessile sporangia.


Key to the species

1a. Branching on main axes opposite, cortication of main branches below side branches, plurilocular sporangia ovoid

H. granulosa

1b. Branching on main axes irregular, secund or spiral, no cortication of axes, plurilocular sporangia elongate-ovoid or conical


2a. Branching irregular to secund above, plurilocular sporangia straight, subcylindrical

H. mitchelliae

2b. Branching spiral below,, unilateral and adaxial above, plurilocular sporangia elongate-ovoid to conical often with curved apices

H. sandriana


References Hincksia

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