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Order Dictyotales

Family Dictyotaceae

Rugulopteryx suhrii (Kützing) De Clerck & Coppejans in De Clerck et al. 2006: 1286

Thalli erect, to 15 cm tall, brown, non-iridescent. Attached by fibrous holdfast; branching sparse, dichotomous, lax, fronds 3-4.5 mm wide in between branching points; frond surfaces with hair tufts; frond margins smooth, apices rounded. Structure of single cortical layer and medulla that is multi-layered throughout proximal parts and near the margins of distal parts; medullary cells ca. 110-120 µm long, 70=80 µm wide, 85-105 µm high; cortical cells ca 15 µm long, ca 17-18 µm high and wide. Tetrasporangia on 2-celled stalks, 190-210 µm in diameter, in rectangular patches near apices. Gametangia not seen.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from Algoa Bay to Mission Rocks (36-56). Found in rock pools and the shallow subtidal zone, usually on exposed shores (Tronchin & De Clerck 2005).

World distribution: Also recorded from Cape Verde Islands and Sri Lanka (references in Guiry & Guiry 2016), but these records require confirmation.

Type locality: South Africa: Cape Province: Algoa Bay (as Zonaria marginata Suhr).

Note: previously known as Dictyota suhrii (e.g. Tronchin & De Clerck 2005), this taxon was placed in the genus Rugulopteryx that was erected by De Clerck et al. 2006.


Rugulopteryx suhrii. Pressed specimen, “submerged rocks”, Algoa Bay (BOL).

Rugulopteryx suhrii. Pressed specimen, Hluleka (BOL).


References Rugulopteryx

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