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Order Fucales

Family Sargassaceae

Sargassum C. Agardh

Thalli differentiated into holdfast, short primary axis and relatively long and re-branched primary laterals. Branches usually foliose (bearing leaf-like laterals). Vesicles present on thalli. Receptacles borne in the axils of laterals.

This is a large, mainly tropical genus with 336 species currently recognized (Guiry & Guiry 2014). Three are recorded from the south coast, with descriptions here by L. Mattio. (See Mattio et al. (2015) for a recent revision of South African Sargassum).

Key to south coast species

1a. Main axes triangular in cross-section

S. incisifolium

1b. Main axes terete in cross-section


2a. Main axes smooth

S. elegans

2b. Main axes with spines or studded with pointed swellings

S. cymosum var. scabriusculum

References Sargassum

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