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Order Bryopsidales

Family Bryopsidaceae

Bryopsis plumosa (Hudson) C. Agardh 1823: 448

Plants dark green, bushy, up to 10 cm tall. Siphons branched 1-3 times, pinnately; branchlets strictly distichously arranged, decreasing in length towards the apex to produce narrow pyramidal outline near the apex. Main siphon up to 600 µm diameter, tapering distally; branchlets about 100 µm diameter, unbranched for up to 5 mm before branching. 

Distribution and collections

In South Africa found from Table Bay harbour to northern KZN (17-58), in the lower eulittoral zone and rock pools. Long (12 cm), lax specimens were collected from floats in the protected environment of Table Bay harbor (Stegenga et al. 1997).

Worldwide distribution: widespread in in cool and temperate seas (Guiry & Guiry 2014).

Type locality: Devon, England. 


Bryopsis plumosa, herbarium specimen (scale numbers in cm)

 Bryopsis plumosa (scale numbers in cm)


References Bryopsis plumosa

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