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Order Siphonocladales

Family Siphonocladaceae

Chamaedoris auriculata Børgesen 1933: 5-9, figs. 3-5

Plants dark green, erect, brush-like, 3-8 cm tall, often in groups. A single-celled stipe with annular constrictions bears a flat, auriculate (ear- or fan-shaped) capitulum made up of many adherent filaments; basal capitulum cells 120-250 µm in diameter, apical capitulum cells (45-) 60-110 (-140) µm in diameter.. Structure similar to C. delphinii, but see Leliaert et al. (2007) for details.

 Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from Mzamba to northern Kwazulu-Natal (48-58). Found in the lower eulittoral zone and sublittoral down to at least 18m (Leliaert et al. 2007).

World distribution: Also recorded from Mozambique to Somalia, Yemen, India and Australia and there is one confirmed Pacific record from the Coral Sea (Leliaert et al. 2007).

Type locality: Gujarat, India (Leliaert et al. 2007).


Chamaedoris auriculata showing flattened capitulum (head).


References Chamaedoris auriculata

Børgesen, F., 1933. Some Indian green and brown algae especially from the shores of the Presidency of Bombay. III. Journal of the Indian Botanical Society 12: 1-16.

Leliaert, F., Millar, A.J.K., Vlaeminck, C. & Coppejans, E. (2007). Systematics of the green macroalgal genus Chamaedoris Montagne (Siphonocladales), with an emended description of the genus Struvea Sonder. Phycologia 46: 709-725.


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