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Order Cladophorales

Family Cladophoraceae

Cladophora sp. II indet

Plants up to 5 mm tall, attached by branched multicellular rhizoids arising from basal cell. Branching acropetal, branches arising 4-6 cells below apical cell, below this almost all cells producing branches, at angles of 20-40o. Branches usually one per cell, cells of main axes rarely with additional branches, some lateral on parent cell. Apical cells 25-30 µm in diameter , 3-6 times as long as broad, apices blunt. Cells in mid-lower axes 40-50 µm in diameter , 3-8 times as long as broad

Collections ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from Port Elizabeth and Kini Bay near East London (36-41). Found in the mid-lower eulittoral zone.

World distribution: Unknown

Note: this entity does not fit the description of Cladophora sp indet of Leliaert & Coppejans (2003), which has larger cells.


Cladophora sp II (stained slide EC 153)

Cladophora sp II, mid-upper thallus showing branching details

Cladophora sp II, apices



Leliaert, F. and E.Coppejans. 2003. The marine species of Cladophora (Chlorophyta) from the South African east coast. Nova Hedwigia 76: 48-52.


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