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Order Bryopsidales

Family Halimedaceae

Halimeda tuna (J. Ellis & Solander) J. V. Lamouroux 1816: 309

Plants bright green, erect, branched 2-3 times, up to 10 cm tall. Segments flat, calcified, broader than long, 3-14 mm long; wedge-, kidney-, or disc-shaped; daughter segments arising anywhere along the distal rim of mother segments, stalk zone or collar between segments absent, distal rim of older segments sometimes grooved. For details of internal structure see Coppejans et al. (2005).

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

A solitary species, found in the sublittoral or sublittoral fringe. Occasionally found from central Transkei (Hluleka) northward, but common in northern Kwazulu-Natal (45-58).

World distribution: extends along the east African coast to Somalia, and is widespread in the tropical and some warm temperate regions of the world (Guiry in Guiry & Guiry 2014).

Type locality: Mediterranean Sea (Silva et al. 1996).


Halimeda tuna, herbarium specimen

 Halimeda tuna, habit (northern KZN)


References Halimeda tuna

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