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Order Siphonocladales

Family Valoniaceae

Valonia C. Agardh

Thallus of large, siphonous, subclavate to elongate cells forming cushions of indeterminate size; lacking stipes. Branching from lenticular cells, cross-walls only at branching points. Attachment by basal cells, well-developed rhizoidal system lacking. Cells multinucleate, with many discoid chloroplasts per cell, each with one pyrenoid. Members of this genus widely distributed in the tropics. Ten species currently recognized (Guiry & Guiry, 2012), of which two are found on the south coast.


Key to species

1a. Diameter of cells 1-3 mm

V. aegagropila

1b. Diameter of cells more than 3 mm (up to 35 mm)

V. macrophysa


References Valonia

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