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Order Cladophorales

Family Cladophoraceae

Willeella ordinata Børgesen 1930: 155, figs 3, 4 a, b; pl. I [1]: fig. 1

Plants green to dark green, 4-8 cm tall, comprising bushy tufts with distinct main axes; attached by rhizoids from basal cell. Growth apical and intercalary. Cells thinner but much longer towards bases of axes. Branching in one plane, from distal ends of cells, opposite in distal regions, with some flabellate branching lower down. Terminal branches distinctly tapering. Angle of branching between laterals and main axis 35-45o in opposite branches, 20-65o in flabellate branches. Apical cells conical with blunt tip and thickening of cell wall at apex, 30-45 µm in diameter, 2-3.5 times as long as broad; cells of terminal branches 45-120 µm in diameter, 1-3 times as long as broad.

Description based on Leliaert & Coppejans (2003).

Collections ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from Mkambati to Mabibi (north of Sodwana Bay in Kwazulu-Natal) (47-57). Epilithic, from intertidal rock pools to 37m depth (Leliaert & Coppejans 2003).

World distribution: A “disjunct distribution pattern in the tropical to warm-temperate Atlantic and Indo-Pacific” regions (Leliaert & Coppejans 2003).

Type locality: India (Leliaert & Coppejans 2003).

Note: this species was previously called Cladophora ordinata, but the genus Willeella was resurrected by Boedeker et al. (2016). For further details and illustrations of South African material see Leliaert & Coppejans (2003).


Willeella ordinata, Palm Beach, KZN

Willeella ordinata, detail of cells and branching.


References Willeella ordinata

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