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Order Ceramiales

Family Delesseriaceae

Apoglossum spathulatum (Sonder) Womersley and Shepley 1982: 329

Plants red, small (to 12 mm tall). Blades membranous, 5-11 mm long and 1.1-1.8 mm wide, linear-spatulate, substipitate, apices rounded to slightly obtuse, margins entire, microscopic veins present; branching from midrib, usually alternately from either side of the blade, rarely from margin; blades capable of secondary (rhizoidal) attachment to substratum. Growth from single apical cell; blade monostromatic except in midrib. Tetrasporangial sori discrete, circular to oval, near distal ends of blades, mature tetrasporangia 24-28 µm in diameter; cystocarps formed on most orders of branches, singly or in a pair on the midrib of each branch. Male thalli not observed.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Found from Wilderness to just north of Durban (29-51).

World distribution: fairly widespread in tropical and warm temperate water (Guiry & Guiry 2013).

Type locality: Western Australia (Silva et al. 1996)

Note: Wynne (1984) describes this species in detail.


Apoglossum spathulatum, re-drawn from Wynne (1984). A- cystocarpic plant, B – tetrasporic plant.


Referencess Apoglossum spathulatum

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