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Order Gigartinales

Family Solieriaceae

Callophycus Trevisan

Thallus erect, branching complanate and pinnate, branches compressed to flat, with or without midrib, margin entire to serrate, holdfast discoid. Structure of loose to fairly dense medulla of longituduinal and rhizoidal filaments clearly demarcated from psudoparenchymatous cortex. Isomorphic gametophytes and tetrasporophytes. Cystocarps immersed in pinnules, ostiolate. Tetrasporangia zonately divided, scattered in outer cortex.

Key to species

Regularly serrate branch margins, branches not tridentate

C. densus

Non-serrate branch margins, branches tridentate (3-pronged)

C. tridentifer


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Anderson RJ, Stegenga H, Bolton JJ. 2016. Seaweeds of the South African South Coast.
World Wide Web electronic publication, University of Cape Town,; Accessed on 24 May 2024.