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Order Ceramiales

Family Ceramiaceae

Ceramium sp 3

Plants to (2 cm) tall, with only basal attachment, no creeping filaments present. Thallus largely complanate, branching every third segment, the laterals regularly alternating. Axes up to 300 µm in diameter, segments with six periaxial cells present, at first with two acropetal cells cut off, the periaxial cells staying in basal position in the cortical band for some time. Finally three basipetal cells are cut off and the periaxial cells appear to move to a deeper level, although they remain perfectly visible. Cortical bands with straight upper and lower border, inter-cortical spaces remaining shorter than broad. Only tetrasporangia found as reproductive structures, in whorls on several subapical segments. Sporangia measuring ca. 45x37 µm, cruciately divided, remaining covered by corticating cells.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Material epiphytic on Plocamium corallorhiza, only found at Mkambati (47).

World distribution: unknown.


Ceramium sp. 3, tetrasporangial. Stained slide material, Mkambathi.

Ceramium sp. 3, detail of tetrasporangia. Stained slide material, Mkambathi.



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