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Order Rhodymeniales

Family Champiaceae

Thalli hollow, with cortex of several cell-layers lined internally by medulla of longitudinal filaments; central cavity partitioned by transverse cellular diaphragms. Carpogonial filament four-celled, carposporangia terminal. Tetrasporangia or polysporangia scattered in cortical layer, tetrasporangia tetrahedrally divided.

Champia Desveaux

Thalli hollow, terete or compressed, central cavity partitioned into segments by diaphragms of single cell layer. Structure multiaxial. Thallus walls one to several cell-layers thick, lined internally with longitudinally arranged medullary filaments which connect septa and bear gland cells. Tetrasporangia scattered in cortex, and especially in thin-walled species protruding into thallus cavity; tetrahedrally divided. Spermatangia excised from outer cortical cells in irregular superficial areas. Cystocarps semi-globose to urn-shaped, projecting from thallus surface and with conspicuous ostiole. Carposporophyte possessing central fusion, carposporangia terminal on branched gonimoblasts.


Key to species

1a. Plants a few to 10 cm tall, axes compressed, main axes up to 3 mm

Champia compressa

1b. Plants 1-4 cm tall, axes terete to slightly compressed, main axes 1-1.5 mm in diameter

Champia parvula


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