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Order Hapalidiales

Family Hapalidiaceae

Subfamily Choreonematoideae

Choreonema thuretii (Bornet) F.Schmitz 1889: 455

Plants borne on certain geniculate corallines (e.g. Jania spp.), usually 0.2 – 1 mm in size, comprising endophytic vegetative portions that produce globular conceptacles external to the host. Structure diffuse, filamentous to partly pseudoparenchymatous, comprising simple or branched filaments 5 – 20 µm in diameter, within the host tissue; conceptacles almost completely external to host tissue, whitish, globular to urceolate, about 100-120 µm in diameter, containing tetrasporangia, carposporangia or spermatangial filaments.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from False Bay in the Western Cape to the Durban area of KwaZulu-Natal (18-51), as an endophyte on certain geniculate coralline species.

World distribution: Widespread in tropical and warm temperate regions, including Mozambique and Mauritius (Guiry & Guiry 2015).

Type locality: Atlantic France (Guiry & Guiry 2015).

Note: See Womersley (1996) for a detailed description and illustrations of Australian material.


Choreonema thuretii on Jania sp. (Double Mouth).


References Choreonema thuretii

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