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Family Rhodomelaceae

Dasyclonium J.Agardh, 1894: 80

Thalli small, prostrate, polysiphonous, dorsiventral, ecorticate, usually epiphytic. Holdfasts rhizoidal, developing from ventral surface of certain segments. Prostrate axes with latero-dorsal determinate branches arising in alternating pattern from every second segment. Tetrasporangia and sexual reproductive structures formed on distal second-order laterals. Ten species of Dasyclonium are recognised (Guiry & Guiry 2010), among which two have been recorded on the South African south coast. The phylogeny of the genus is discussed by Scagel (1962).

1a. Ultimate branchlets not fused laterally, determinate laterals comb-like

D. incisum

1b. Lower-most two branchlets of ultimate series partly fused laterally, determinate laterals palmate

D. palmatifidum


References Dasyclonium

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