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Order Nemaliales

Family Galaxauraceae (see Huisman et al., 2004)

Dichotomaria diesingiana (Zanardini) Huisman, J. T. Harper & G. W. Saunders 2004: 230

Thallus erect, pinkish-red to brownish-red, up to 25 cm tall, dichotomously branched, moderately calcified; lower 1-2 cm usually terete and hirsute, remainder flattened, 2-5 (-7) mm wide, frequently branched, often rugulose, unsegmented, apices rounded. Internal structure comprising medulla of interwoven filaments 10-15 µm in diameter, cortex of gametophytes and tetrasporophytes somewhat different in structure. Cortex of tetrasporophytes with inner region of two layers of large globose or subglobose cells and outer region of ovate or clavate pigmented epidermal cells borne on stalk cells; tetrasporangia cruciately divided, borne on short stalk cells. Cortex of gametophytes with 3-4 layers of compact large cells that decrease in size towards exterior.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Epilithic in the lower eulittoral and shallow sublittoral (to at least 14m), mainly in wave-exposed localities. Recorded from Arniston along the south coast and the whole Kwazulu-Natal coast.

World distribution: Also recorded from Mozambique (Papenfuss et al. 1982).

Type locality: Port Natal (Durban) (Silva et al 1996).

Note: This and other South African Dichotomaria species (as Galaxaura) are described in detail by Papenfuss et al (1982).


Dichotomaria diesingiana, shallow subtidal, Haga Haga.


References Dichotomaria diesingiana

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