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Order Gracilariales

Family Pterocladiophilaceae

Gelidiocolax margaritoides (M.T.Martin & M.A.Pocock) K.-C.Fan & Papenfuss 1959: 33-34

Parasitic on Beckerella pinnatifida, forming small white pustules just visible to the naked eye; pustules composed entirely of parasite tissue, rhizoidal filaments penetrating into the host tissue; spermatangia, cystocarps and tetrasporangia on separate pustules. For further details see Martin & Pocock (1953)(as Choreocolax margaritoides) and Fan & Papenfuss (1959).

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded in the Port Alfred area (39). (Martin & Pocock 1953).

World distribution: Apparently a South African endemic.

Type locality: Kleinemonde, east of Port Alfred (Martin & Pocock 1953).


Gelidiocolax margaritoides. Tetrasporic pustule on host tissue. Drawn from photograph in Martin & Pocock (1953: Plate 10, Fig. c).


References Gelidiocolax margaritoides

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