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Order Gelidiales

Family Gelidiaceae

Gelidium arenarium Kylin 1938: 8, fig. 2D

Plants up to 30 (-60) mm tall, comprising prostrate terete or compressed branches attached by rhizoids and bearing erect terete axes; branching irregular throughout, upright axes often unbranched, prostrate and erect axes up to about 250 µm in diameter. Anatomy of outer cortical cells (7-13 µm in diameter) subtended by larger inner cortical cells; medulla of large cells, rhizines sparse and mostly in medulla. Tetrasporangia in sori borne on spatulate apices of fertile uprights.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Lower eulittoral , often forming a turf with or without other seaweeds. Recorded from East London area to just north of Durban (41-51).

World distribution: Recorded from Kenya (Silva et al. 1996) and also from China (Xia et al. 2002).

Type locality: Isipingo Beach, south of Durban (Silva et al. 1996).

Note: Norris (1992) describes this species in some detail.


G. arenarium: part of plant showing two uprights (one tetrasporangial) and basal branching system (re-drawn from Norris 1992, Fig 2A).


References Gelidium arenarium

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