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Order Hildenbrandiales

Family Hildenbrandiaceae

Hildenbrandia Nardo

Thallus crustose, closely adherent, firm, not calcified. Structure of tightly adherent but rather indistinct basal layer, without rhizoids, each cell producing erect filament of small cuboidal cells of uniform size. Sexual reproduction unknown. Tetrasporangia zonately or irregularly divided, in sunken, ostiolate conceptacles, with or without paraphyses.

Key to the species

1a. Crusts dark red, thick (to a few mm), with rough surface, easily detached in the middle

Hildenbrandia lecanellierii

1b. Crusts red or reddish-brown, thin (usually < 100 µm) smooth and firmly attached throughout

Hildenbrandia rubra


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World Wide Web electronic publication, University of Cape Town,; Accessed on 24 February 2024.