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Order Gigartinales

Family Cystocloniaceae

Hypnea arenaria Kylin 1938: 12, fig. 6

Thallus developing creeping axes with erect parts, 3-5 mm high, simple or sparsely branched; axes and branches about 180 µm thick; tetrasporangia in the slightly swollen tips of erect branches. Creeping among fine sand, with tetraspores found in July. (Description as in Kylin, 1938).

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from East London area to Kosi Bay, northern KwaZulu-Natal (41-52).

World distribution: South African endemic.

Type locality: Inyone Rocks, near Durban (Silva et al., 1996).

Note: BOL has only three specimens under this name, but they do not fit the type description.


Hypnea arenaria, re-drawn from Kylin (1938).


References Hypnea arenaria

Kylin, H. 1938. Verzeichnis einiger Rhodophyceen von Südafrika. Lunds Universitets Årsskrift, N. F. Avd. 2, 34(8): 1-26, 10 figs, 8 plates.

Silva, P.C., Basson, P.W. & Moe, R.L. 1996. Catalogue of the benthic marine algae of the Indian Ocean. University of California Publications in Botany 79: 1-1259.


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