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Order Corallinales

Family Corralinaceae

Subfamily Corallinoideae

Jania J.V. Lamouroux

Thalli comprising limited crustose bases or stoloniferous bases, and geniculate erect portions that are mainly dichotomously branched (pinnate branching present in some species); cells in genicula longer in centre than at edges, medullary cells of intergenicula 90-130 µm long; conceptacles originating in the medulla; tetrasporangial conceptacles each containing fewer than 15 tetrasporangia (adapted from Kim et al. 2007).

Note: Kim et al. (2007), on molecular and morphological grounds, subsume the genera Cheilosporum and Haliptilon into Jania. Accordingly, we treat all south coast members of the first two genera as belonging to Jania. However, it should be noted that some authors question these combinations (e.g. Williamson et al. 2015; Kogame et al. 2017) and continue to treat these three genera as separate.

Key to south coast Jania

1 a. Branching dichotomous throughout thallus


1 b. Branching dichotomous in main axes, pinnate in distal axes

Jania subulata

2 a. All segments cylindrical to subcylindrical


2 b. Middle and upper segments with bilateral lobes or projections


3 a. Middle-upper segments arrowhead-shaped, wings pointed and often reflexed (curved away from axis)

Jania sagittata

3 b. Wings broad or poorly-developed and variously-shaped


4 a. Wings well-developed, with pointed, blunt or incised edges, segments 0.6-1mm long in the middle

Jania cultrata

4 b. Wings on same thallus often variously-shaped, segments 1-3 m long in the middle

Jania prolifera

5 a. Plants delicate, small (to 10 mm high), segments 40-100 µm in diameter

Jania capillacea

5 b. Plants more robust, a few to 10 cm tall, segments usually over 100 µm diameter


6 a. Plants tall, usually 4-8 (-10) cm, segments more than 100 µm diameter, branch angles usually less than 30º

Jania verrucosa

6 b. Plants 2-5 cm tall, segments 60-130 (-170) µm diameter, branch angles usually more than 45o, fertile segments much larger than vegetative segments

Jania adhaerens


References Jania

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