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Order Ceramiales

Family Delesseriaceae

Genus Nienburgia Kylin

Stipitate membranous blades; blades strap-like with faint to distinct midrib, growth from single apical cell, thallus corticated, branching from margins or midrib, margins dentate.

Key to the species


1a. Fronds strap-like, dentation simple, branching mainly from frond margins

N. serrata

1b. Fronds feathery, dentation compound to fimbriate, branching mainly from midrib

N. pinnatifida


Note 1: Our deep-water specimens may represent a third species of Nienburgia. See note under Nienburgia serrata.

Note 2. N. serrata resembles Bartoniella crenata - for a comparison between the two, see Note 2 under N. serrata.


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