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Order Nemaliales

Family Scinaiaceae

Nothogenia Montagne

Gametophytes foliaceous or (in part) vesiculate. Medulla filamentous, cortex of anticlinal rows of small cells. Carposporangia and spermatangia formed in conceptacle-like cavities in the cortex. Life-histories heteromorphic; tetrasporophyte crustose, producing chains of cruciately-divided sporangia in the upper layers, surrounded by loose paraphyses. Life histories of South African species described by Anderson & Stegenga (1985).


Key to the species

1 a. Thallus a gas-filled vesicle

N. ovalis

   b. Thallus foliaceous, rarely with swollen vesicular tips

N. erinacea


References Nothogenia

Anderson, R. J. & H. Stegenga 1985. A crustose tetrasporophyte in the life history of Nothogenia erinacea (Turner) Parkinson (Galaxauraceae, Rhodophyta). Phycologia 24: 111-118.


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