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Order Gigartinales

Family Phacelocarpaceae

Genus Phacelocarpus Endlicher & Diesing

Plants erect, with serrulate axes, discoid holdfast and short stipe. Thalli armed with teeth formed from short terminal branchlets. Thalli uniaxial; large central filament and medulla of rhizoidal filaments; cortex of isodiametric cells becoming smaller towards periphery. Cystocarps stalked, with multicellular pericarps and transverse (slit-like) ostioles; tetrasporangia zonately divided and formed in nemathecia.

Key to the species

1a. Teeth always in spirals, thalli always terete

P. oligacanthus

1b. Teeth formed in two ranks; either along margins (flat branches) or in spiral (terete branches)

P. tortuosus



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