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Order Ceramiales

Family Rhodomelaceae

Polysiphonia sp 2

Plants with creeping prostrate base, erect axes up to 6 mm long, branched only in the proximal part; segments 1-2.5 times longer than broad, near the apices much shorter. Filaments ca 50 µm in diameter, with four pericentral cells. Apices without trichoblasts. Tetrasporangia in long orthostichous series, near the apices of filaments, ca. 40 µm in diameter, with two long and one short cover cells. Other reproductive structures not seen.


Polysiphonia sp. 2. Whole mount (stained slide, no. 1719).

Polysiphonia sp. 2. Cell detail (stained slide).

Polysiphonia sp. 2. Tetrasporangia (stained slide).

Polysiphonia sp. 2. Detail of tetrasporangia (stained slide).

Polysiphonia sp. 2. Apex of branch. (stained slide).



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