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Order Gelidiales

Family Gelidiaceae

Pterocladiella caloglossoides (M.A. Howe) Santelices 1998: 244

Plants small (to 3 mm tall), turf-like, comprising a system of prostrate stoloniferous axes bearing irregularly branched upright or repent branches. Stoloniferous basal axes cylindrical to slightly flattened, attached usually at regular intervals by peg-like holdfasts of many rhizoids; upright branches usually arising at points of attachment, usually paired but sometimes in radially produced groups of up to 6, flattened except basally, up to 4 mm long and 100-400 µm wide. Outer cortical cells up to 12 µm in diameter and spheriodal, ovoid or rectangular in longitudinal section, inner cortical cells up to 15 x 18 µm ; medulla of single row of cells about 15 µm in diameter; rhizines scattered between inner cortical cells and medulla. Spermatangial sori covering surface of male branches except for margins and basal part; tetrasporangial sori terminal on broader branches, tetrasporangia arranged in characteristic chevron-like rows; cystocarps triangular in cross-section, with chains of carposporangia radiating from a basal, central area.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Recorded from the Morgan Bay area to northern Kwazulu-Natal (43-58), in eulittoral turf.

World distribution: Apparently widespread in tropical and temperate seas, in southern Africa also recorded from Tanzania (Silva et al. 1996).

Type locality: Not certain: either Isla San Lorenzo, Peru, from 5 m depth (Dawson 1953: 77) or San Felipe, Gulf of California (Xia & Wang 1999).

Note: This species was first recorded from South Africa as Pterocladia caloglossoides (Howe) Dawson by Norris (1987), who describes Kwazulu-Natal specimens in detail (see also Norris 1992).


Pterocladiella caloglossoides, BOL, annotated by RE Norris.

Pterocladiella calloglossoides, BOL, annotated by RE Norris, detail of one specimen.

Pterocladiella calloglossoides, XS (re-drawn from Norris 1992, Fig 5D).


References Pterocladiella caloglossoides

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