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Order Gigartinales

Family Kallymeniaceae

Pugetia Kylin

Plants with small discoid holdfasts, short stipes and slippery, membranous red fronds with smooth to ruffled margins. Fronds either orbicular or broadly foliose, irregularly lobed or broadly cuneate and somewhat irregularly incised. Medulla of large colourless cells interspersed with pigmented filaments; cortex of several layers of small pigmented cells. See Norris (1964) for a treatment of South African Pugetia.

Key to the species

1a. Blades neatly orbicular to ovate

P. harveyana

1b. Blades cuneate to broadly lobed, may be incised

P. porphyroidea

References Pugetia

Norris, R. E. 1964. The morphology and taxonomy of South African Kallymeniaceae. Botanica Marina 7: 90-129.


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