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Order Nemaliales

Family Scinaiaceae

Scinaia Bivona-Bernardi

Thalli mucilaginous, comprising erect, branching axes that are soft or cartilaginous. Structure multiaxial, of interwoven longitudunal filaments inside a layer of radiating filaments surrounded by a solid epidermal layer. Currently accepted species total is 43, of which two are found on the South African south coast. (See also Stegenga et al. (1997).


Key to the species

1 a. Thallus without distinctive constrictions; epidermis comprising interspersed colourless vesicular cells and pigmented assimilatory cells

S. capensis

1 b. Thallus distinctively constricted at forks; epidermis comprising only colourless vesicular cells

S. salicornioides


References Scinaia

Stegenga, H., Bolton, J.J. and R. J. Anderson. 1997. Seaweeds of the South African west coast. Contributions from the Bolus Herbarium 18: 655 pp.


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