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Order Ceramiales

Family Ceramiaceae

Zonariophila semiendophytica Stegenga et Kemperman 1996

Plants semi-endophytic in Zonaria subarticulata, the (single) endophytic cell large, up to ca. 1 mm long, 250 µm high and at maximum100 µm broad. Endophytic cell running perfectly parallel to the cell rows of Zonaria, piercing the substratum on both sides and producing numerous (up to 25) short erect filaments, from dorsal as well as ventral side. Emergent filaments rarely more than 6 (-10) cells long, moderately incurved, branched a few times from the lower segments. Emergent filaments to ca. 1.5 mm long, the diameter varying from 60 µm basally to 130 µm (sub)apically; cell length to 300 µm.

Tetrasporangia in repeatedly branched clusters on the lower cells of the erect branches, measuring up to 85 x 70 µm. Spermatangial clusters more or less cylindrical, with a 4-5-celled axis, one cluster per cell of the erect axes. Male stichidia ca. 175 x 100 µm.

Female fertile filament two-celled, the second cell with one fertile and two sterile cells. Carposporophyte to ca. 500 µm in diameter, with up to four involucral filaments from the hypogenous cell. All cells of a gonimoblast maturing at the same time, measuring about 60 µm in diameter at the time of release.

Collections, ecology and regional distribution

Collected between Cannon Rocks and Kei Mouth (39-43). Not found very frequently, but where it occurs the host may be heavily infested.

World distribution: South African endemic.

Type locality: Shark Bay, Port Alfred (Stegenga & Kemperman 1996).


Zonariophila semiendophytica. Young plants in Zonaria subarticulata, Cannon Rocks (stained slide).

Zonariophila semiendophytica. Microscopic habit (stained slide).


References Zonariophila semiendophytica

Stegenga, H. & Kemperman, T.C.M. 1996. Notes on Ceramiaceae (Rhodophyta) from the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. II. Zonariophila semiendophytica nov. gen., nov. spec., a minute epi/endophyte of Zonaria subarticulata (Lamour.) Papenf. Blumea 41: 125-134.


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